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Case Study: $15,444 in 9 days

case study course launch

Part 1: Problem

Problem #1:

The first problem facing the client (and the world!) was COVID-19. A marital course launch which should have taken place in June 2020 was pushed indefinitely. The client was considering putting off the launch until the pandemic situation had subsided... or so they thought. This marital course had been delivered by the client a few times live in-person over the course of a few years. But now they wanted to shift it and launch it online for the first time.

That leads to the second problem facing the client: the delivery format of the course itself. The initial plan was to record the ENTIRE online course and THEN sell it - this is the process that most Muslim experts, educators and course creators follow and which the client had followed for their pre-marital course launch previously. However, due to Covid-19 the client was unable to record the course in a professional manner/setting as they had done for their pre-marital course; it was difficult and in fact impossible due to social distancing restrictions to get together their video production team to record the course over a few days. And once the course was recorded, it would then have to be edited from start to finish which would take a few weeks at the least.

The third problem facing the client subsequently was lack of clarity regarding the course launch strategy. If they weren't going to pre-record the course, then what would be the alternative (to sell and then record)? And would people pay for a course that wasn't even recorded/ready yet? Furthermore, for their previous pre-marital recorded course launch, the client had professionally prepared/recorded a 5-part free video series to serve as a free lead magnet to attract and nurture leads before marketing the paid course to them. However, in the case of this marital course launch, this was not an option. So then what would be the launch strategy for this marital course? What would be offered as a free lead magnet to attract and nurture leads prior to marketing the paid course to them?

Part 2: Solution

Solution #1:

To address the first problem of 

Part 3: Results

As a "result" (get it?) of the solutions outlined above, Alhamdulillah we were able to achieve great results for the client with their marital online course launch.

Here are the highlights...

Live Webinar Registration Page Conversion:

Page Views: 3,797
Page Opt-ins: 1,113
Conversion Rate: 30%

Live Webinar Attendance Rate:

Live Webinar Registrants: 1,133
Live Webinar Attendees: ~300
Live Webinar Attendance Rate: 26.5%

Live Webinar Sales Conversion:

Live Attendees: ~300
Live Attendees During Sales Pitch: ~250
Live Webinar Sales: 30
Live Webinar Sales Conversion: 12%


52 sales x $297 = $15,444 in 9 days

Part 4: Project/Client Details


  • 6-Week Live Online Marital Course


  • $297 one-time
  • $148.50 x 2-month payment plan

Offer / Value Stack:

  • 6-Hour Online Course ($297 Value)
  • Lifetime Access To Online Learning Portal ($197 Value)
  • Comprehensive Course Workbook ($97 Value)
  • Practical Exercises With Guided Answers ($97 Value)
  • BONUS: Q&A's From Previous Live Classes ($197 Value)
  • BONUS: Ask Your Own Questions To Instructor ($97 Value)
  • BONUS: List Of Supplications To Aid In Marriage ($47 Value)
  • 14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

YOU PAY: $297

Funnel & Emails:

  • Organic (email list + social media) & Paid Traffic (Facebook/Instagram ads) >
  • Free 5-Part Video Series Optin Page >
    • Cart abandonment automated email if lead doesn't create free account on next page
  • Free Members Area Account Creation Page >
  • Free Members Area (Kajabi) - 5 free video released one day at a time
    • Email series delivering each of the 5 videos to the lead over 5 days + then the course cart open email followed by a few more emails about the pre-marital paid online course
  • Sales Page >
  • Checkout Page(s)
    • For those who still didn't purchase (or opt in for the free video series in the first place), we directed them to a free live webinar
  • Live Webinar Registration Page >
  • Live Webinar Registration Confirmation Page >
    • 3 live webinar reminder emails to all registrants to get the best live attendance rate
  • Live Webinar Delivered By The Client
    • Replay email + 3 course deadline / cart close emails AFTER the live webinar to the end of the launch

Paid Advertising:

Coming Soon, Insha'Allah!




Webinar Registration Confirmation Email:

67% open rate


Webinar Registration Page

Webinar Reg Conf Page

Replay Page

Sales Page

Payment Pages



Pre Live Webinar (organic):

  • 13th Sep: webinar announcement/details
  • 15th Sep: KLT factor
  • 17th Sep: join live today

Live Webinar Registrants:

  • Immediate conf/welcome email
  • 24 hour reminder
  • 3 hour reminder

Post Live Webinar:

  • 19th Sep: replay & announcement
  • 21st Sep: course emotion/benefits
  • 22nd Sep: good news offer, bad news deadline
  • 23rd Sep: testimonials & FAQs
  • 24th Sep: deadline tonight

Course Paid Signups:

  • Immediate welcome email

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