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Case Study: $14,341 in 3 months

case study retainer

Part 1: Problem

The problem facing the client was the lack of consistent, ongoing revenue through their pre-marital online course. They didn't just want a successful and profitable course launch (which brought in some good revenue for one month); they wanted to go further and convert their course launch funnel into an evergreen course funnel, one that is completely automated and up and running literally day and night where traffic is being driven to the funnel through paid and organic traffic and these leads are converting into buyers of the online course - sales coming in on a daily and weekly basis. They needed a proven, systemised and automated evergreen strategy that was comprehensive and all-inclusive, including the (a) funnel, (b) emails, (c) ads and (d) copy for all three of these elements.

Part 2: Solution

To address the client's problem of the lack of a proven, systemised and automated evergreen strategy that was comprehensive and all-inclusive that would bring them good revenue not only in one shot during a launch, but also consistent revenue throughout the rest of the year, we converted the client's successful pre-marital course launch funnel into an evergreen funnel. Because there are many moving parts and the setup of an evergreen funnel is quite different (especially when it comes to the backend in Kajabi and the running of ongoing Facebook ads) than a launch funnel, the client hired us to (a) convert the launch funnel into evergreen AND (b) brought us on for a short retainer to run and optimise the funnel and paid advertising.

Part 3: Results (Evergreen Funnel / Retainer)


73 sales x $197 = $14,341 in 3 months

Part 4: Project/Client Details


  • Pre-Marital Recorded Online Course
    • Retainer / Evergreen i.e. ongoing


  • $197 one-time
  • $98.50 x 2-month payment plan

Offer / Value Stack:

  • 6-Hour Online Course ($297 Value)
  • Lifetime Access To Online Learning Portal ($197 Value)
  • Comprehensive Course Workbook ($97 Value)
  • Practical Exercises With Guided Answers ($97 Value)
  • BONUS: Q&A's From Previous Live Classes ($197 Value)
  • BONUS: Ask Your Own Questions To Instructor ($97 Value)
  • BONUS: List Of Supplications To Aid In Marriage ($47 Value)
  • 14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

YOU PAY: $197

Funnel & Emails (Evergreen):

"Evergreen" means that this funnel is running an ongoing basis (day and night) and that EVERYTHING below is completely automated, from the ads to the funnel to the emails to the purchase and even post-purchase. The only thing to do on a periodic/weekly basis is review results and make any necessary optimisations to the funnel and/or ads.

  • Paid Traffic (Facebook/Instagram ads) >
  • Free 5-Part Video Series Optin Page >
    • Cart abandonment automated email if lead doesn't create free account on next page (see below)
      • This means that out of the 2,380 leads that opted in on the initial landing page for the free 5-part video series, only 348 did NOT create their free account on the next page (85.4% email optin to free account conversion). And a certain percentage of the 348 leads who received the cart abandonment email ended up creating their free account a day or more later, increasing the conversion rate to nearly 90%.
  • Free Members Area Account Creation Page

  • Free Members Area (Kajabi) - 5 free videos released one day at a time
    • 5 initial automated emails delivering each of the 5 videos to the lead over 5 days (Day 0 to Day 4 below) + 5 more emails about the pre-marital paid online course (Day 5 to Day 9 below)
  • Sales Page >
  • Checkout Page(s)

  • Those who still haven't purchased by the 10th email are then directed to register for a free auto/recorded webinar

  • Webinar Registration Page >
  • Webinar Page
    • 3 deadline emails post-webinar to the end of the evergreen funnel

Paid Advertising:

Coming Soon, Insha'Allah!

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