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Case Study: $10,735 in 20 days

case study course launch

Part 1: Problem

Problem #1:

The first problem facing the client was the lack of a cohesive, streamlined system for their online course business. They wanted to re-launch their pre-marital course, which they had launched once before with fairly good results. But there was A LOT of time, effort (specifically tedious, manual effort) and headache involved in managing and trying to integrate many different softwares. Their website was on Wordpress, their email marketing was on ActiveCampaign, and their course/membership area and payment pages were on Thinkific. Unfortunately, this is very common with online course businesses today. Not only is it inefficient from an internal operations standpoint, it's also not ideal from a financial perspective as each software mentioned above (not to mention Zapier and others) has its own monthly cost.

Problem #2:

The second problem facing the client involved many issues during their first launch for the pre-marital course. They hired a Facebook ads agency to help them with their course launch marketing, specifically setup, test, manage and run their Facebook ads. There were some serious problems with the way the funnel and ads were set up and run to say the least. To make matters worse, the ads agency (the one person) that was hired went AWOL right in the middle of the launch.

Problem #3:

The third problem facing the client was the lack of consistent, ongoing revenue through the pre-marital online course. They didn't just want a successful and profitable course launch (which would bring in some good revenue in one month); rather they wanted to convert this course launch funnel into an evergreen course funnel, one that is up and running literally day and night where traffic is being driven to the funnel through paid and organic traffic and these leads are converting into buyers of the online course - sales coming in on a daily and weekly basis. They needed a proven course launch strategy that was comprehensive and all-inclusive, including the (a) funnel, (b) emails, (c) ads and (d) copy for all three of these elements.

In summary, the client needed an all-in-one, streamlined system to run and scale their online business (instead of using and integrating so many different softwares). Due to their previous negative experience with a digital agency (and their trust being broken to a certain extent), they needed a reliable marketing partner (not just an agency) who would stick with them every step of the way and go above and beyond to help them achieve success with their online course launch (and business). And finally, they needed a proven, comprehensive online course launch strategy that would bring them good revenue not only in one shot during the launch, but also consistent revenue throughout the rest of the year.

Part 2: Solution

Solution #1:

To address the first problem of the lack of a cohesive, streamlined system for their online course business, we recommend Kajabi to our client. Kajabi is one of the most robust all-in-one CRMs (customer relationship management) and online marketing platforms out there which gives one the ability to:

  • Create and host and sell digital products or service-based offerings
  • Accept payments seamlessly via Stripe and/or PayPal
  • Create landing pages and full-fledged marketing funnels
  • Store a contact database i.e. email list - serves as a CRM (customer relationship management) software
  • Set up email marketing (one-off broadcasts and robust automated sequences)
  • Build a website and host a blog
  • Build an online community
  • View analytics, data and real-time insights for all of the above

Normally a business would use at the minimum WordPress/Wix (or similar) for their website, ClickFunnels for marketing funnels and accepting payments, MailChimp (or similar) for email marketing, and Thinkific/Teachable for hosting digital products.

Just reading and thinking about the above gives us a headache. And not to mention integrating all of the above softwares (for which you'd need to use Zapier)... NO THANKS! We've made the mistake of doing it in the past and had clients who have done it, and it's an absolute nightmare.

With Kajabi EVERYTHING is seamlessly integrated. It's much easier to learn and deal with ONE robust software which does everything for you versus many different softwares.

Try Kajabi Free For 14 Days

Our client was ecstatic to hear that Kajabi could replace all of their existing softwares, saving them a lot of time, effort, headache AND money. Although it would require some time and effort to transition everything over from their existing softwares to Kajabi, it was a no-brainer for the long-term benefit of their online course business. And so even before working on the pre-marital course launch, the first step with the client was to transition everything to Kajabi so streamlined and automated processes could be set up, all under one roof.

Solution #2:

To address the client's second problem of issues with the Facebooks ads and the overall funnel and launch strategy which was done by their previous digital agency, we did two things:

  1. First, we outlined the launch strategy step-by-step for the client beforehand, including the two-part high level strategy (free video series + a live webinar), all the funnel pages, the different email broadcasts and sequences required, the backend automations which would be set up, the ads budget, setup, testing, scaling, etc. Hence, the client was fully aware of everything marketing-related from start to finish, allowing them to not only understand everything we'd be doing for them, but they also learned a lot of the marketing themselves along the way.
  2. Second, we did a Facebook ads audit for them. This entails us going in to the client's Facebook ads manager and seeing how the ads were set up, tested and run for the previous launch, then evaluating everything in detail and finally providing recommendations on what could be done better and how we will improve things so the client can get better results while spending less (lower cost per lead, cost per customer, etc.)... which is every business's dream. 

Solution #3:

To address the client's third problem of the lack of a proven, comprehensive online course launch strategy that would bring them good revenue not only in one shot during the launch, but also consistent revenue throughout the rest of the year...

  1. First, we assured the client that our online course launch strategy is reputed and proven across various niches in the Muslim market. It started with our expertise in Kajabi, for which we have entire funnel templates, from the free video series optin page, to the free video series members area, to the email marketing for the free video series optins, to the course launch marketing emails, to the course sales page and checkout pages, to the live webinar funnel pages, to the live webinars emails (pre-webinar and post-webinar) to the delivery and execution of the live webinar itself (live sales strategy, presentation slides, etc.) to the final few emails and strategy leading to the end of the launch / close of the cart... not to mention templates and a proven strategy for Facebook ads and copy for ALL of the above! The client was truly surprised and appreciative at the level of depth of our strategy for successfully launching and scaling an online course.
  2. Second, as part of the contract we included our done-for-you service to convert the client's pre-marital course launch funnel into an evergreen funnel. Because there are many moving parts and the setup of an evergreen funnel is quite different (especially when it comes to the backend in Kajabi and the running of ongoing Facebook ads), the client opted for this two-part done-for-you service: for us to help them execute the pre-marital course launch AND convert the launch funnel into evergreen thereafter.

Part 3: Results

As a "result" (get it?) of the solutions outlined above, Alhamdulillah we were able to achieve great results for the client with their pre-marital online course launch(The results for the post-launch pre-marital evergreen funnel are highlighted in a separate case study which you can view here.)

Here are some highlights...

Live Webinar Registration Page Conversion:

Page Views: 670
Page Opt-ins: 218
Page Conversion Rate: 33%

Live Webinar Attendance Rate:

Live Webinar Registrants: 218
Live Webinar Attendees: ~100
Live Webinar Attendance Rate: 45.9%

Live Webinar Sales Conversion:

Live Attendees: ~100
Live Attendees During Sales Pitch: 80
Live Webinar Sales: 16
Live Webinar Sales Conversion: 20%


55 sales x $197 = $10,735 in 20 days

Note: The stats above are specific highlights and do not include all stats for every aspect of the launch. For example, there were more than 218 total leads as part of the launch as there was a free 5-part video series used as a lead magnet initially. However, the statistics above themselves are cumulative i.e. those are the exact, total numbers for the live webinar and those are the total sales from the launch.

Part 4: Project/Client Details


  • Pre-Marital Recorded Online Course


  • $197 one-time
  • $98.50 x 2-month payment plan

Offer / Value Stack:

  • 6-Hour Online Course ($297 Value)
  • Lifetime Access To Online Learning Portal ($197 Value)
  • Comprehensive Course Workbook ($97 Value)
  • Practical Exercises With Guided Answers ($97 Value)
  • BONUS: Q&A's From Previous Live Classes ($197 Value)
  • BONUS: Ask Your Own Questions To Instructor ($97 Value)
  • BONUS: List Of Supplications To Aid In Marriage ($47 Value)
  • 14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

YOU PAY: $197

Funnel & Emails:

  • Organic (email list + social media) & Paid Traffic (Facebook/Instagram ads) >
  • Free 5-Part Video Series Optin Page >
    • Cart abandonment automated email if lead doesn't create free account on next page
  • Free Members Area Account Creation Page >
  • Free Members Area (Kajabi) - 5 free video released one day at a time
    • Email series delivering each of the 5 videos to the lead over 5 days + then the course cart open email followed by a few more emails about the pre-marital paid online course
  • Sales Page >
  • Checkout Page(s)
    • For those who still didn't purchase (or opt in for the free video series in the first place), we directed them to a free live webinar
  • Live Webinar Registration Page >
  • Live Webinar Registration Confirmation Page >
    • 3 live webinar reminder emails to all registrants to get the best live attendance rate
  • Live Webinar Delivered By The Client
    • Replay email + 3 course deadline / cart close emails AFTER the live webinar to the end of the launch

Paid Advertising:

Coming Soon, Insha'Allah!

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