Here's Who We Are and What We're About

Thank you for wanting to know more about your future business & marketing partners (us!). We want to know about you and your business as well, but we understand that you need to get to know us better before you take the next step. 


Who We Serve


We are a digital marketing agency that helps you package your expertise and then effectively systemise and sell it so that you can make more money, reach more people and make massive impact.

Muslim Experts

Do you have some sort of knowledge or expertise that you'd like to monetise, or an existing digital program or service that you'd like to scale?

Muslim Educators

Do you have valuable advice and guidance on a particular topic that you'd like to offer to others in the form of an online course and/or coaching programme?

Muslim Course Creators

Do you have an online course idea that you want to create or launch successfully and then sell on autopilot so you can literally make money while you sleep?

Our Core Values


Our Passion & Purpose is to Attain the Pleasure of Allah through Service to His Creation


  • Serve Allah by serving His creation
  • Do the right thing
  • Work with trust, honesty and integrity


  • Strive for Ihsaan
  • We take pride in making our clients proud of their work
  • Attention to detail


  • Make a positive impact on the world
  • Help others serve others on a greater level
  • Leave a legacy


  • Passionate
  • Enthusiastic
  • Creativity through commitment


  • Continuous improvement
  • Modesty
  • Gratitude


  • Experts
  • Confidence
  • Winning mindset

Our Team


We hope that your team and our team are the same team very soon, Insha'Allah

Nabila S. Ahmed

Over the last decade, Nabila has worked with more than 100 students and clients, generating over a million pounds in the Muslim space alone. Her love and commitment to growth have helped her to achieve a dozen certifications in almost every marketing subject including copywriting, social media marketing and paid advertising.

Her passion to make a great impact in the world and leave a powerful legacy has lead her to work with top Muslim brands including MRDF, Quran Academy and Na'ima B. Robert. Besides that, Nabila is a mother of 4 and loves teaching and everything to do with the Qur'an.

Farzan Parupia

Entrepreneur at heart and co-founder of Salam Media

Farzan has been involved in the Muslim marketing space for nearly a decade and has helped generate multiple seven-figures in sales across various Muslim niches. He helped Bayyinah Institute grow from six figures to nearly eight figures in only two years through two multi-million dollar marketing campaigns. Then he started an Amazon FBA private label business and he created and sold his own Amazon course, both of which collectively generated over six-figures in sales. Farzan then worked with Aaqib Ahmed and Entrepreneurial Muslim for more than 3 years, helping them maintain five-figure sales/month. In that time he also worked independently with clients such as OnePath Network, LaunchGood and Ali & Sumayya.

Farzan has spoken on many stages and has taught hundreds of Muslim educators, experts, entrepreneurs and course creators. He is now the co-founder of Salam Media and has the honour and privilege to work with top Muslim companies and public figures such as Islam21c, Ramadan Legacy, Transform My Prayer, Shaykh Amer Jamil (Muslim Marriage Academy) and Hafsah Adham (The Confident Muslimah). Finally, Farzan is a husband and father who loves the 5 Great F's: Faith, Family, Food, Football (American) and Fun.

Usman Majid

Usman Majid is the founder and presenter of the Deenspiration Podcast – a multimedia Islamic platform that shares practical worship tips and motivating reminders through audio podcasts, videos, articles, books, and free productivity resources.

As a marketing graduate from the University of Strathclyde, Usman is passionate about using his media, marketing and content production expertise to build brands that serve the Muslim community. His specialities lie in social media marketing, content creation, client communications and project management.

He has a wide range of experience working with several community organisations, charities and tech start-ups, and is notably an original member of the globally successful Ramadan Legacy brand.

Zeeshan Parupia

Zeeshan Parupia is very enthusiastic about marketing in the Muslim space. He is dedicated to help Islamic organizations, start-ups, institutions, and masajids flourish in marketing. His goal is to create, and help others create content that will bring everyone closer to Allah SWT.
After graduating with his B.S. in Marketing from the University of Texas at Dallas in Spring 2020, he has supported institutions create, launch & market programs that have generated over $100k in revenue. He also has a passion for film, reaching over 750k views on YouTube. 
He is currently pursuing his M.S. in Marketing. His specialties lie in social media marketing, content creation, and project management; working independently with organizations such as Alpha Lambda Mu Fraternity, WhyIslam, Brighter Horizons Academy, and ISRA Foundation.

Who We Serve


We are a digital marketing agency that helps you package your expertise and then effectively systemise and sell it so that you can make more money, reach more people and make massive impact.

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